Rummikub NGT

Rummikub NGT was smartly designed as a travel-sized version in which the tile racks turn into the game case.

20 minutes 20 minutes
7+ 7+
2-4 2-4

The object of the game

To be the first player to go “Rummikub!” by using all tiles in “runs” or “groups” and by accumulating the highest score. Outwit your opponents with cool strategy and sharp moves. Be the first to lay down all your tiles and go “Rummikub!”. Use the joker with caution… He can fire up the game, but if he is smiling on your rack at the end of a round, you lose 30 points!


  • Abstraction thinking
  • Tactics and strategy
  • Memory


  • 106 tiles size  27х19 mm (8 sets of tiles 1-13 in four colors, and 2 joker tiles),
  • 4 racks,
  • 2 covers,
  •  rules ua

Box size

200 х 267 х 45 мм