Freaky band

International Music Contest is announced in Freakyville. One of the participating bands is elected by popular vote. The second contestant will be the band that will score points as close as possible to the that of popular vote.

15 minutes 15 minutes
8+ 8+
2-4 2-4

Playing the Game

During your turn you can take one of the three possible actions:

  • Play a card from your hand into Shared set and activate its powers.
  • Take a card from Draw deck and add it to your hand.
  • Take a card from Shared set and add it to your hand.

The round is finished as soon as any player adds fourth card to the Shared set and activates the card powers. After that, each player counts the sum of numbers on cards in their hand and compares it with the sum of cards numbers in the Shared set. Round is won by a player whose sum of card numbers in their own set is equal to or closest to the sum of the Shared set, but not larger.


• arithmetic abilities

• analytical thinking


• 28 cards

• rules

Box size

110 х 110 х 40 mm